How to Survive Travelling with Fair Skin

I love traveling, but there’s always one thing that puts me off and that’s my skin. Sometimes its so cloudy at home that I forget the damage sun can do to your skin, I sit in the direct sunlight and suddenly even after as much as 10 minutes I am burnt raw. Due to the [...]


5 days in Paris Itinerary

Day 1: Shakespeare&Company  Latin Quarter  Holy Chapel A 13th century gothic Sainte Chapelle has stunning stained glass. Place dauphine Pont Neuf bridge Paris' oldest bridge spanning the Seine. Marche aux Fleurs et aux Oiseaux Notre Dame Paris' most famous historic Cathedral. The religious heart of the city. Make sure to get here early to have [...]

3 days in Berlin Itinerary 

Day1: Kunstmarkt Fantastic flea market, located at the end of the Tiergarten. Incredible array of items as well as food and drink.  Tiergarten The largest park in Berlin, located in the centre of the city. Beautiful to walk through to get to your next sightseeing spot, for a leisurely stroll or even a cycle. The [...]

How to Spend 5 Days in London and See Everything (mostly!!): PART 2

Day 3: Today, we start in Trafalgar Square, here you can see Nelsons Column, the famous Lion Statues  and the fountains. From here you can walk through piccadilly seeing famous shops such as Fortnum and Mason leading you straight towards Piccadilly Circus. This is the location of London’s West End surrounded by a huge number [...]

How to Spend 5 Days in London and See Everything (mostly!!): PART 1

I know right, you're feeling tired even after reading that title, to you spending 5 days in London may sound like the perfect opportunity to stroll along the streets window shopping or visit a few of the main tourist attractions because how would you be able to fit in seeing many of the amazing London [...]

Positive Outlook Clothing – Entirely Ethical and Eco Friendly

Positive Outlook Clothing We are constantly reminded of the damage we are doing to our planet through the use of non biodegradable or recyclable products. This is why the Positive Outlook Clothing company to me is very important, with their products which are all sustainable and environmentally friendly.  I really admire this brand, who prioritise [...]